Hello world, or whatever

I created a blog on my website a long time ago, and had actually used it quite frequently for a while, but then WordPress had a major stroke and stuffed up all of the backend stuff, and it was too much work for me to try and get it working, so I just succumbed and made a whole new blog. The posts on the old blog weren’t important anyway, so it doesn’t really matter, and a few I had actually planned to delete as well.

Anyway – what is this, why do I have this blog? Well, I don’t know. I think that’s what makes it interesting for me – the only point of me setting this up is for me to just dump random thoughts onto the web. If you have a similarly twisted mine like I do, you might even considering bookmarking this page, or signing up so you can comment. 🙂

I’ll be posting frequently, I think. I have a lot I can say, generally, but sometimes I get lazy and just let my thoughts slip by, especially if I’ve done a lot of typing in the day. We’ll see, but expect *something* once in a while.