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Jeff Bezos could single-handedly save the entire Amazon rainforest right now with his riches. But he isn’t doing anything about it. While I understand the doesn’t care much for anything except monopolizing every market possible, and enriching himself as much as he possibly can, he’s had a lot of stigma over the years, with people calling him an evil maniac, and a psychopath who is trying to take over the world.

If he saved the rainforest, it would clear up a lot of that stigma. People would probably see him as the good guy for a while. Even though he’s not and it would be for show, it would still be good for his overall business ventures.

Unfortunately, even business people are too stupid to make choices like this. To them, any effort in the way of helping the world is icky to them. Besides, he just had to give up billions of dollars to his ex wife in his divorce. He’s really struggling right now from that, obviously, so I guess I should give him a break.


And something else to sit on, for anyone who thinks this: Amazon’s monopoly is not the fault of capitalism. It’s actually the absence of capitalism that caused it. If he had *any* competition, he wouldn’t be nearly in the same position he’s in today. The government props up big businesses like Amazon, and allowing them to wipe out their competition and not be punished for it.

1 in every 2 dollars spent on the internet goes to Amazon. That doesn’t just happen naturally. A lot of other countries don’t prop up monopolies like the U.S. does. Sure, they may have their evils, and a lot of large companies generally aren’t even in these countries, but still.

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