My blog theme

So the theme for my blog is pretty nice – and it was free, as it was one of the default I could choose from in WordPress. But I’m thinking of changing it up a bit, to be unique. I’ll be designing the theme myself, and I was wondering if anyone had any potential pointers or suggestions for how I should make it look.

No matter what, the theme will look different from the main pages on my website, as those look sort of wonky (I’m not to blame for that, I didn’t create them).

To offer me a suggestion, do it through my live chat. I get way too many bots commenting on my posts, and I don’t want to have to sift through them just to potentially find comments from actual human beings.

A friendly notice

When trying to sign in to my blog, it doesn’t automatically put you to the HTTPS version of the site, like it should. I’m not sure why it does that, and I’ll try to get it working soon. But for the record, just know that I do have SSL enabled, and all you need to do is put https:// before

So it would be

However, if you have the HTTPS everywhere plugin, this won’t be necessary as it will do it for you automatically.