Who am I?

My name is Blake Garvin. I’m currently 15 years old (15 and a half or so, really, but as if that truly matters). I don’t do a whole lot with myself – I mainly just try to enjoy myself as much as possible and take nothing too seriously, which is why you don’t see me persuing any serious hobbies or professional interests. I do have some though, like computers and programming.

I started learning programming actually a while ago – back when I was probably 12 or so. It was basic PHP for simple web development. I was not impressing anyone with my skills and I hardly knew much else except for the fundamentals. But I’ve grown a much bigger interest in programming recently and I’ve learned a lot about most of the higher-level languages like C# and Java.

When I had originally started learning programming, it was because I had some need to – very basic need to, like modifying elements in a script to make something work better, for instance. Really, my programming “career” was modifying maybe 20 lines of code a day. Not much. Now it’s more or less just an interest of mine. And while I can always find a reason to want to know a good bit of programming (like modifying the behavior of Windows), I was never motivated to actually do anything about my need without actually knowing anything first. And diving deeper and deeper into the subject grew an inerest I never really knew I would have.

I was usually more interested in the IT side of things – setting up servers, dealing with management systems for operating systems. It was a leuisurely hobby. A relaxing activity. But with programming, I feel a “charge” to create things instead of do things a lot of other people are doing concurrently for a living along side each other.

I also enjoy writing. However, my short attention span gets in the way of this interest all too much, so I never really get around to creating any stories that go on for long enough for people to bother reading. It’s not that I believe my stories aren’t good, but that I’m impatient and want to pump out many stories in short periods of time, since I have way too many ideas for stuff to create. Of course, the best way to resolve that problem is to actually write stuff, but of course, once a lazy person, always a lazy person. And to be frank, that’s a pretty lazy philosophy.

I do have a section on my website though for when I do eventually publish a story of mine (if I ever actually do). It’s www.blakegarvin.com/my-stories – this might result in a 404 error, and if it does, know that there wasn’t going to be anything there to begin with. When I do publish something, I’ll have to convert my-stories.html to my-stories.php so I can dynamically update the page through WordPress probably, like with my blog. Or use some other RSS-powered plugin.