What do I do?

I do a lot of things – breathing, sleeping, eating. And that may sound like a sarcastic answer to the question that is obviously “what is your profession,” but since I have no profession or critical hobby, that’s essentially it.

What are things that I aspire to do? I really want to do mechanical engineering, and work in the space industry, but I’ve done a lot with programming and learning computer science, and that’s nearly as cool to me, and it’s something that’d be a lot easier to get into as an actual career. So I’m not sure. But in a general sense, I’d want to do something technically oriented.

Right now, I’m proficient in most of the C-based programming languages, like Java, C#, and to a lesser extent Python, as well as Lua for game scripting. I mainly make little Windows tweaks to make using my computer a bit easier, but I’ve also put some thought into making Firefox add-ons in the future. And as of right now, I’ve only dabbled in mod-making for video games, but it is something I would like to do more often.