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  • Stupid Stuff Robert Says #5

    Me: “People can only really remember up to 7 digits, which is why phone numbers are 7 digits long.”Robert: “If people can easily remember 7 digits, then why isn’t the alphabet 7 digits long?” “Every time you go forward in an electric car, you’re accelerating.” “When you’re going a constant speed in a gasoline car, […]

  • Stupid Stuff Robert Says #4

    “Your mom can hear really well. She’s like the flash of hearing.” “I couldn’t think inside my head for a second.” “There’s me and Katie, and then me and Alex, so that makes up 4 people.” “The mouse is fast because it rimes with rat.” “Pepe is a fish person like Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

  • Stupid Stuff Robert Says #3

    “It’s like I have a reverse headache.” “You can feel the taste in your mouth?” “What about a mirror that can only reflect darkess?” “Is it possible to make a reverse stomach? Instead of digesting food, it undigests food?” “My head feels like the smell of rubber” (possible sex joke?) “I wouldn’t mind if my […]

  • Stupid Stuff Robert Says #2

    “My mom bought this non-GMO plastic container.” “I have my computer plugged into a surge protector, so I’m protected against lightning strikes.” (he’s referring to one of those $20 Wal-Mart surge protectors that, from what I can tell, he’s been using for some time now, and they’re meant to be replaced every few years) “Why […]

  • Stupid Stuff Robert Says #1

    “Can you make a calculator in HTML?” “Healthcare isn’t important – just don’t get sick.” “Nothing in a game can be illogical, because games run on math, and math isn’t illogical.” “I feel like I’m going to fart a shit out of my ass.” “I say a bunch of stupid stuff because you don’t say […]