New site design

To those who visit this site or blog, you’ll quickly notice the redesign applied today. It’s an improvement over the outdated style I stuck with for 9 years. And with this theme, new functionality will be underway for this website, including the ability to order services with me directly from here.

Certain aspects are still underway, and links that are currently deprecated will be highlighted in red until they’re restored.

I also plan to be much more involved with this blog and should be uploading more frequently in the near future. Another planned update is introducing media, both photo and videos I’ve created, and make an interactive space for engaging with it. There will also be a software by me section where users can preview details about programs I’ve developed and download them.

Due to extensive botting, many users will experience a CloudFlare captcha challenge at the beginning of their session. This is a new change and is normal to experience.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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